Project 365 Background

Project 365 is my photo blog where I challenge myself to take and post one photo of anything imaginative or unoriginal each day. The project will serve as a way to remember years from now the moments I encounter during the next 365 days of my life.

This project forces me to capture the world around me, not to mention below me and above me. In tackling this project over the next 365 days, I hope to achieve two goals:  1. create a visual history of those things that captured my attention during one year of my life and 2. improve  my photography skills.

The requirements are that I take one photograph each day; that I post the photo either on that day or the next available day if computer access is not available on that day; and that I not manipulate the photo with image editing software other than using the camera’s own features.  For the project, I am using a Canon Powershot SD1100 IS, an 8MP point-and-shoot digital camera.

I hope you enjoy my year-long photographic journey.  I welcome your feedback on my photographs.

~ atticus

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