Day #14

f13   1/200  ISO 100

day 14 On a recent out-of-province trip, I came upon this image. I pulled the car over and took this photo. I thought the towers and wires made an interesting photo because they were in a field in the middle of nowhere taking up a lot of land and a lot of sky.

The historic, outdated, military look to them made gave them the appearance that they had once served a clandestine purpose but that that purpose had long since expired when the Cold War ended. Nope! Upon investigation I found out they are functioning transmission towers for Radio Canada International, which is the international broadcasting service of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Radio Canada International has a mandate to help increase awareness of Canadian values to the rest of the world.

I like the photo because of the solid, multi-coloured vertical lines from the towers and the diagonal, spiderweb-like  lines from the transmission wires.  I also like how the sky is flecked with blue, grey, and white creating a nice backdrop to the whole image.

~ by atticus photography on 24/09/2009.

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