Day #12

f2.8   1/80  ISO 200

Day 12 Starting today, I will write a brief explanation on why I took the photo I’ve posted and what I like about that photo.

Okay, I took this photo on my way to work. As drivers rushed by eager to get to work, I noticed the rusted staples and torn paper. These things caught my eye because they suggested to me how  so many things around us are not permanent and that we need to take time to see, really see, what is around us.  It’s like this, someone stapled a poster advertising an event, a concert, a sale, whatever, but time and weather have made it almost impossible to read what was posted.  If I had stopped weeks earlier  maybe I could have taken in the event, the concert, the sale, whatever.

I like this photo because its has dabs of various colours; it has ragged edges and rusted metal; and it has layers of staples and paper.  But more than that I like the history that the photo conveys.

~ by atticus photography on 22/09/2009.

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